Beauty room work


Fully qualified in all things brows, the RnR salon offers a brow sculpt treatment which involves measuring and mappingout the bow design, an eyebrow wax, tint, trim and tweeze to specificallu suit your needs, aiming to create groomed and fuller looking brows.


Lasting only on the hair for up to 2-3 weeks, it’s not intended to stain the skin at all.


Achieving a long lasting tint on the skin for up to 2 weeks and on the hairs for up to 7, get your dream bombshell brows, with our BRONSUN BROW DYE.


Lamination service is one that lasts up to 5 weeks! It involves straightening and altering the brow hairs so that they sit in a uniform position, whilst also creating a full and voluminous result by using two different keratin solutions and one oil treatment! If you’re one who’s looking to get those hairs that grow in an irregular direction tamed and in shape or are one wanting to fill in any gaps, look no more the RnR girls have got your covered. AFTERCARE. In order to ensure that the treatment is effective, it is vital that the brow hairs remain dry for 24hours.


This service acts like a perm for your natural lashes by lifting. The treatment lasts between 6-8 weeks depending on how well you take care of them. AFTERCARE. It is recommended that you do not get your lashes wet and keep them free of makeup for 24hours after, that you don’t use any oil based products on your lashes (including face washes) and that you remember to be gentle with your lashes making sure to at all times avoid excessive rubbing.


qualified make up artists, trained to the highest industry standards. Knowing what suits each individual is a reflection of our expertise and passion in the industry. In caring for our clients we have taken a pick from the best cosmetic houses such as Bobbi Brown, BareMinerals, Anastasia Beverly Hills, MAC, Urban Decay, Christian Dior and Nars. Save time and take the stress and hassles out of pre-event prep by booking to have your makeup done. With this service you have the option to have luscious lashes applied.


Natural-looking and flawless finish that only Temptu airbrush makeup can deliver with it’s pro-based formula. Airbrush foundation will give your skin maximum coverage, leaving you with a smooth, high definition finish that will out last any standard foundation due to the sweat-proof ingredients. It is able to cover blemishes or hide imperfections in an instant. Airbrush is perfect as it non-transferable onto clothing.