Our makeup lessons are for women of all ages. For girls just starting out with makeup to women looking for help to refine their application techniques or move out of their comfort zone, or those who simply aren’t sure what to do. Our lessons are very hands on. You can read or watch other people applying makeup, but it’s not the same as doing it yourself. It’s a good way to practice and build your confidence.


Most women have never been taught how to properly apply their own makeup. That’s where us girls from RnR hair & beauty come into play. Each lesson is created to your needs, to give you the tools on makeup techniques such as foundation application, highlighting and shading, eyes, lips and everything you need to do your makeup like a pro. As this is a hands on makeup lesson we will show you how to apply makeup by doing half of your face and then you will do the other half so that you can master the application technique.


These classes are a lot of fun and a great excuse to get a few friends together and learn some great tips and tricks. Perfect for hen’s parties or birthdays. You will learn the same techniques as you would if you were having a private lesson. Minimal of 2 people is required and a maximum of 6 people.