Engineered specifically to minimise breakage, RnR hair and beauty is proud to be exclusively carrying the entire range of Olaplex products as both an in salon and home care service for our clients.

What is OLAPLEX?

OLAPLEX is a scientifically proven bond multiplier for the hair.
I know that sounds a tad technical..
Let me explain more, when you get you hair coloured or lightened, the colour breaks down the natural bonds in your hair as it lets in your new colour.

Over time these bonds weaken and your hair strength and structure is compromised, meaning that your colour will fade faster than you want, will look dull and lose shine and on the extreme end may break before achieving the colour you desire..

This is where OLAPLEX works its magic. 

OLAPLEX is a bond multiplier, which actually rebuilds the bonds in your hair faster than the colour can weaken them. It keeps on strengthening the hair, no matter how many times you lighten, or darken, or decide to lighten the hair. Your hair will keep on getting healthier, stronger and looking even better!!

OLAPLEX is being hailed as the new miracle product of the hairdressing world, being endorsed by celebrities and their stylists all over the world. 

We at RnR hair and beauty are one of the few salons in Australia where you can get this amazing service done.

In Salon Service

The OLAPLEX bond multiplier No.1 is directly added to an in salon colour service and finished by applying Bond Perfecter No.2 after the colour is rinsed from the hair to eliminate breakage. The Professional Hair Perfecter No.3 can be taken home to used once a week to strengthen hair further. 

For more information on OLAPLEX come speak to us on your next visit or go to www.olaplex.com