Winter hair hydration

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  • Hydrating and moisturizing both are the same, which means to restore the moisture of your hair. Most of the time women face hydration problem in winter because of the dryness in surroundings. A gland named sebaceous is responsible for shielding our hair by feeding the nutrients it needs. The malfunction of this gland leads to dryness which is the root cause of dry brittle hair. For shiny and healthy hair, the sebaceous gland should be in an appropriate functioning condition. You can adopt the following methods to recover the function of the sebaceous gland which in turn help in moisturising or hydrating your hair.

  • Essential Fatty Acids: There are some fatty acids which must exist in our diet for better nourishment of our hair. You can get the essential fatty acids from fish, avocado and olives. Try to include these in your diet.

  • Drinking Water: Using up of water adds to cell turnover, making your hair look softer, shiner and healthier. Silica: Silica is a healty nutrient that helps your hair in making shiny. Silica is found in potatoes, asparagus and cucumbers.

  • Less shampooing: Many people think that shampooing your hair daily is good which is not true. Daily shampooing strips off the natural oil from our hair. Daily shampooing means over washing and over washed hair get oily faster which is due to the extraction of natural oil. One should shampoo twice or trice a week to retain the natural moisture of hair.

  • Short your Shower Time: Prolonged exposure to hot water can dehydrate your hair. Spend less time in the hot shower for your hair and even skin in winter.

  • Cover your Head While Going Outdoors: In winter try to cover you head with hat or cap to save your scalp from dryness. Covering head also helps to maintain your scalp’s moisture.

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