How to wash your hair... Properly...

by Super User
1- Get the right water temperature going in shower. (not too hot)
2- Get in and thoroughly wet your hair - 30 seconds
3- 1st Shampoo (use professional shampoo, massage scalp, only squeeze hair/suds toward the ends) - 90 seconds
4- Rinse well  - 30 seconds
5. 2nd Shampoo, actually cleanses the scalp and removes debris and dirt off hair. The second shampoo is the most important to get rid of buildup. 
6. Rinse thoroughly until there are no suds - 90 seconds (at least)
5-Condition (use professional conditioner or masque, starting from the ends and work your way up to the midlengths) - at least 3 minutes or longer if using a hair masque.
6- Whilst your hair conditioning, then soap rest of body, shave, do face mask etc etc.  (Note- shaving usually takes longest time of the event)
7- Rinse thoroughly - 90 seconds
8- Squeeze hair starting closest to scalp to ends to remove water
9- Wrap in 1 towel, use another towel for rest of body.
10- Put in a leave in conditioner on midlengths and ends (must!) then Do all other things (make up, brush teeth) so hair will start to air dry
11- When 20% dry, then use wide tooth comb (or a tangle teezer! - see previous post). Then style as per usual, use hair dryer on medium heat and style - 6-15 minutes

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