Relax in our expert hands and enjoy your choice of ultimate  nourishing, strengthening or restoring hair treatments,  whilst we massage your scalp in our relaxed atmosphere. To compliment your treatment we have available product choices to continue your hair’s maintenance at home. 

Some of our treatments available are:

OLAPLEX Deluxe Treatment

At RnR hair & beauty we have tailor made this treatment for hair types that need some serious loving. This OLAPLEX Deluxe treatment will rebuild, replenish and nourish dry and thirsty hair, which has been left untreated and neglected through over colouring and thermal styling.

This  treatment involves using the breakthrough technology of OLAPLEX, which rebuilds the internal structure of your hair, then followed up by a prescription treatment using heat to repair and moisturise as needed. 

A new favourite of ours!

OLAPLEX Colour Treatment

This is a 3 step treatment using the breakthrough technology of OLAPLEX, which rebuilds the internal structure of the hair. The first step is the Bond Multiplier, which is added into your colour, the second step is the Bond Perfector which is applied after your colour. The third step is the take home Hair Perfector, which is used as a follow up treatment once a week in-between services.

Rescue repair treatment

Reversal of that damage can now be successfully achieved by our new treatment, Rescue Repair– an in salon therapy that boasts revolutionary keratin technology that can penetrate the hair shaft to repair & restore each & every strand of hair from the inside out, rather than superficially coating the hair surface for a temporary fix.

Mens Hair and Scalp Treatment

This treatment is tailored just for our boys.
Involves a Detox shampoo, followed by a prescriptive treatment using our ACTIVANCE Hair Revitaliser.

Intensive Moisture Treatment (with steam)

If you are known to repeatedly use styling products, hair driers and irons which result in dry, damaged and flat hair, then this treatment is for you. Restore and transform your hair to its former glory. This treatment is infused into the hair with the help of the steamer to open the cuticle and to deposit the nutrients into the hair. 


Agave Smoothing Treatment

The Agave Smoothing Treatment is a Formaldehyde FREE treatment, making it one of the safest salon smoothing treatments available. Hair colouring can be done on the same day. Agave Smoothing treatment can be used over previously chemically straightened hair, such as Keratin Treatments, Relaxers & Straighteners. 

It instantly and safely smooths out up to 100% frizz and volume and reduces curl retention by 80%. Agave's Amino sugars lock moisture inside the hair, restoring and maintaining moisture balance. Amino sugars form complex bonds add strength, resiliency and elasticity to the hair. Agave's natural oils nourishes and transforms the outer cuticular layer of the hair, making it softer, smoother and shiner. 

With an exclusive Amino Acid Complex called Carbo-C, Agave's smoothing treatment gently alters the hair's disulphide bonds, reforming them to make the hair sleek & smooth. Agave plant sugars help to hydrate and condition. The best thing about this smoothing treatment is that you don't have to wait 72 Hours, It's Instant.